Andy has finished the Thames section of the swim.



  The team got the call to get down to Dover for a Midninght start.

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After meeting the SUVA captain, Neil Streeter and the observer, Andy made the decision to attempt the Channel swim under the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation rules; wearing only trunks, cap and goggles.
  Stewart and Andy boarded the Suva which then went to Samphire beach. Andy swam to shore and at 15 minutes past midnight stepped into the cold, black sea to start his 21 mile swim to Cap Gris Nez.
  The swim started well and Andy was making good time. Stewart prepared Andy's hourly energy drinks and his 4-hourly medicines. These were thrown to him on a line. The dink was in a flip-top feeder flask and the Andy's tablets were in a seperate, small screw-top container.
  After six and a half hours Andy's neck was aching and the angle he was swimming in the water had changed from horizontal. The change from the horizontal increased as time progressed and from the information regarding stroke speed and distance travelled being given from the boat, Andy realized he was starting to struggle.
  He soldiered on for another two feeds but realized he had to face facts; If he continued, he could do permanent damage to his spine. After swimming for 7 hours and 20 minutes and covering nearly 11 miles, Andy decided discretion was the better part of valour and made the bitterly hard decision to put his health first and returned to the boat.
  More to follow