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Day 6; The Teddington to Calais swim now heads from the mouth of the River Medway through to Herne Bay.
'Bob II', the RIB, was the only escort today. The waters around that area are too shallow for the yacht 'Wabbit'. Jellyfish stings were the worst the Thames could throw at Andy today. The stings on the wrists were not too bad but when he got stung across the face he said it was like being lashed with a whip!
At the end of the day Andy waded across the shallow water of Herne Bay to meet wife Lieva and Members of Herne bay 41 Club who hosted them for the evening. He was interviwd for the local newspaper, The Canterbury Times, before he was wisked away to get out of his wetsuit.
'Bob II', with Peter & Nick Lincoln, motored back to join 'Wabbit' at Queenborough for another night afloat.

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