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Day 2; A non-swimming day. The Port of London Authority would not allow Andy to swim through the city centre (and from the speed of the ships in the water in this stretch this was probably a good call!) so instead the whole team walked the 15km from Vauxhall Bridge to Thames Barrier Gardens. Despite some blisters, everyone made it to the O2 and celebrated with a meal there. Stewart and Andy continued to the Barrier. However, the dodgy meat pie that Andy had eaten at the O2 resulted in him spending the whole night throwing up.

Having stayed overnight at St. Katherines's Dock, we made ready for our walk from Vauxhall to Barrier Gardens.
The walk from Vauxhall Bridge to the Thames Barrier didn't always run next to the River.

One of the few pics of the whole team together;

Tanya Warren, Andy Nation, Lieva Nation, Stewart Warren, Nick Lincoln and Peter Lincoln.

No..... Andy's not twisting Stewart's arm tokeep him walking....... They're both just knackered!
Andy & wife, Lieva.
Although darkness had fallen, Stewart and Andy made it to the Barrier
Andy paid the price for not having appropriate footwear for the walk