A record of Andy's daily progress will be recorded here


Day 8: Andy has reached Dover!!

The last day of the first stage of this epic swim has brought Andy to Dover. Now he'll be heading home for some well deserved recuperation in preparation for the Channel crossing which could take place any day between 7th and 13th August. Please keep the support messages coming - it really means a lot to Andy and the crew.

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Robin and Pat Hills, Andy & Lieva's hosts at Ramsgate had given Lieva a bottle of bubbly for the successful arrival at Dover.

Of course, Andy did the F1 custom of spraying all the team and then sharing the bottle around for a well earned guzzle!

The news report is, for the most part, correct.


Now Andy waits for a call from cross-Channel pilot, Neil Streeter, to tell him the tide and weather conditions are best for his swim across to Calais. The spring tide runs from the 7th to 13th August.

Monitor Day 9 to see when this happens.

'The Beast' has absolutely no problems in towing the RIB out of the water at Dover Harbour!