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Day 4; Today Andy was mostly recovered from his food poisoning and raring to go, so the scheduled Day 3 swim went ahead as Day 4. Friend, Liz Rixon and daughter Caitlin were there to see Andy set off from the Thames Barrier. Cheers, Liz!He finished the day's swim by reaching Thurrock Sailing Club on the north coast, where yacht 'Wabbit' was moored for the night. Passing under the QEII bridge was the high point of the day's swim. Andy was taken ashore on the RIB where Lieva was waiting with 'The Beast' to take him to South Woodham Ferrers where they had a comfy bed for the night with Andy's mother. Tomorrow he will be heading for the Medway on the south coast.

All aboard RIB 'Bob II' at Barrier Gardens Pier. Thank you, Port of London Authority for allowing us to use it.
Where's Andy?.... See the orange speck next to the big boat - that's our RIB. Andy is an even smaller speck in the water next to it!
Goodbye Thames Barrier! Now where's that QEII Bridge?

The water is nice, clear and calm here but you never know what you're going to encounter as you swim.

One particularly unpleasant encounter was a a long streak of thick floating seaweed topped by frothy brown foam! Andy didn't know what the topping was and prefers not to think about it!

Have you ever driven over the QEII Bridge? Take the opportunity next time to look down at the River to get some idea of the of the immensity of Andy's swim. Look at the length of the River either sid eof the Bridge.

You see him here about to swim under the Bridge. Has anyone ever swum under the Bridge before? We don't think so, but do tell us if you know anything different!